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#F 210114

Matt Parker

20" x 16" x 1.5" | Acrylic | $0.00

Status: Gift/Donation

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I first met Matt Parker a few days after moving into the house next door. My first opinion? I saw him as strongly opinionated, loud, independent, and unique. Nearly five years later I can honestly say he remains unlike anyone else I’ve ever met - and I love him for that. He says exactly what he’s thinking, feels deeply, and is moved by truly great music. The man is my muse, which I’ve never had before - and I’ve been painting since 1998. I trust him completely, and am so grateful for the milestones of growth and passion he’s brought into my life. From time fishing and rafting with Matt at the oars, and grooving with him to amazing music, he has helped me find more of myself and to be unafraid.



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